Esther Dune


Esther Dune’s sound is characterised by the legacy of techno and (acid) house music. Growing up in The Netherlands shaped Esther’s music as she absorbed the rich Dutch scene of the time.

Being praised for her excellent high-end precision mixing skills Esther blends styles together flawlessly, bringing quality & content to any dancefloor. From raw electro to Detroit techno, hard techno & proper acid techno. She creates a natural flow traveling effortlessly through all the decades of electronic music like time doesn’t exist.

She also enjoys playing deeper styles like Chicago house, dub techno, obscure acid & (downtempo) EBM and feels right at home starting her DJ’s sets from scratch setting the mood and building to where the dancefloor needs to be.

Dune has music out also under her ‘Esther Duijn’ alias on labels like Gegen Records, Deestricted,  Expel Your Demons and releases coming out on Occultists, Adroit Recordings & Noise Manifesto.

This has not gone unnoticed by the scene, earning her a residential DJ slot at the mighty Tresor, Gegen Berlin & Intergalactic FM.

Esther also made (regular) appearances at Pornceptual, De School, Unter NYC, Paradigm, Freerotation Festival, Elevator Shanghai, Panorama Bar to name a few. In 2017 she was asked by Resident Advisor to do a tour in Australia together with Skatebård.

Esther is running an all vinyl label & stream “Another Earth”. The stream is hosted on HÖR Berlin.

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