Joey Aipassa, better known as Jaipa, was born and raised in Eerbeek, a small town in Gelderland, The Netherlands. Raised by a Dutch mother and a father from The Moluccan Islands, he grew up hearing music from different cultures, which is the root of how his musical taste got shaped.

As a kid he created mixtapes and so his love for compiling started—collecting a variety of different tracks to build a story. In the late 90’s his sister introduced him to 2step and UK garage, where Jaipa later on was introduced to drum and bass and other forms of electronic music. This influence made him explore the electronic music sphere. His love for techno started to develop much later in his late teenage years after he attended his first festival: Dance Valley.

At age 24, he moved to Amsterdam and became more involved within the electronic music scene, having friends with whom he shared mutual interest. In the beginning he was involved with organising raves and underground parties, until the events became more official—like gigs at Spielraum and Radion.

His friends at Orphic, a techno community based in Amsterdam, invited him several times to perform at their parties, which resulted in Jaipa becoming one of their residents.

Jaipa’s sound ranges from deep and dark to uplifting and energetic, maintaining the rhythm throughout the spectrum. His track selection often exists out of tracks that contain a constant groove, with distinct bass lines, and stretched layered sounds, to create a hypnotizing effect. To switch things up to more uplifting and energetic he likes to select tracks that are more percussion driven, but still keeping that distinct bassline groove.

He likes to experiment with industrial, mechanical and organic sounds, harmonizing with groove and rhythm, for people to be able to dance and to experience emotions. His goal is to recreate emotions from past experiences.

The performance he is invited to do, makes him explore first—who is the community inviting him, who are their crowd, what is the location of the venue and what type of venue is it. In the preparing stage for a gig, or a podcast, he searches for new sounds outside of the mainstream range, textures at the outer corners of sound design.

He will take into consideration the time slot he is playing. Whether it is an opening, where he will introduce himself and create a build-up. Or a closing, where he can go all-in and capture the crowd he is hypnotizing—a higher range of BPM, stepping outside his comfort zone and expanding his boundaries.

Jaipa has shown his skills at Milkshake Festival, Orphic, YPNOTIKA, Embodiment, Spielraum, Angst and Skin, at different locations, such as Radion, Lofi, Perron, and his upcoming gig in December 2022 at Tresor in Berlin.

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