Laura van Hal


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DJ/Producer Laura Van Hal is a fast-growing name in the European techno community. Her DJ sets supply a strong, trippy groove through her intricate music selection. With the special ambient track release as her first-ever V/A release on the UK based label ’Platform 22’ and the release on a V/A for the Dutch label ‘Courtoisy’ in her rear view mirror, she dove right into 2022.

And 2022 is looking bright. With OECUS and Arcane on her side to support her artistry and in general, she takes optimal advantage of her rapid growing interest for her artistry. She already has Free Your mind, Drift festival and Het Nest festival as some of the highlights coming up this year, together with fresh track releases on various recognized labels. Besides producing and DJ’ing, Laura runs her own radio show “Leto Radio” at Open Source Radio in her hometown Nijmegen, NL. 

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